The PEI 300: 2009

Although 2009 marks the debut of the PEI 300, this is the third year in a row that Private Equity International has ranked the largest 50 private equity firms in the world, called the PEI 50.

As with last year, the line-up of the top 50 firms has not remained static. Some firms managed to close sizeable fundraisings, which boosted their respective ranks significantly, or allowed them to debut on the top 50 list. At least one firm, Permira, downsized its LP commitments to a recent fund, which caused its rank to drop correspondingly. Finally, the rise of the dollar has generally pushed UK-based firms further down our dollar-denominated rankings compared to a year ago.

As in prior years, the PEI 300 based its rankings on this measure: the amount of private equity direct-investment capital raised or created over the past five years.

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