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2020-2021 Private Equity/Venture Capital Partnership Agreements Study

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  • Publication Date: January 2020
  • Number of Pages: 87

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Negotiate favorable T&Cs with the 2020-2021 PE/VC Partnership Agreements Study.

Buyouts has compiled one of the largest studies ever of global private equity limited partnerships from surveys acquired from GPs and LPs. The resulting report is an indispensable tool for anyone involved with private equity and venture capital partnership terms and conditions.

The 2020-2021 study includes:
Analysis of what’s market for terms and conditions organized in five categories –

  • Fund formation and operation
  • Fees and expenses
  • Distributions and profit-sharing
  • Performance and returns
  • Corporate governance

Results are broken down for seven sample groups –

  • North American Venture
  • North American Buyout
  • International Venture
  • International Buyout
  • Funds of Funds/Secondary Funds
  • Mezzanine/Infrastructure
  • Private Equity Real Estate

Study also provides:

An analysis of co-investment deal terms and conditions, a look at limits placed on the use of capital call loans and a view into how quickly fund managers are adopting ILPA reporting templates and standards.

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PE Hub enlisted an all-star advisory board to review our findings and predict where they think individual terms and conditions are heading.

- Joseph Weitemeyer, Research Editor, Buyouts
- Dan Gunner, Research & Analytics Director, PEI Media

Advisory Board:
- Christian Albert, Managing Partner, Bowside Capital
- Thomas Beaudoin, Partner, Goodwin Procter
- Douglas M. Blagdon, Founder and Managing Partner, ShoreBridge Captial Partners
- Bradley S. Mandel, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP

2020-2021 Edition Guide to Tables and Charts
i. Description of Sample and Methodology
-Sample Composition
-Firm Size
-Composition of International Sample
-Breakdown by Fund Size
ii. Fund Formation and Operation
-Fund Term and Investment Period
-Recycling Provisions
-Bridge Financings
-Fundraising Timing and Fund Size Caps
-Co-investment Rights
-Unrelated Business Taxable Income
-Capital Calls and Default Penalties
-Side Letters/Most Favored Nation
-GP Contribution
-Investment Restrictions
iii. Fees and Expenses
-Management Fees
-How Fees are Structured
-Budgeted Fees
-Tiered Fees
-Scale-downs and Scale-ups
-Transaction Fee Offsets
-Organizational Expenses
-SEC Registration & Compliance
-Deal Sourcing and Monitoring
-Co-investors’ Share of Broken Deal Expenses
-Advisory Board
-Outside Consultants
-Reverse Break-up Fees
-Placement Agents
-How Co-Investor Fees Get Allocated
iv. Distributions and Profit Sharing
-Carried Interest
-Net Of Fees and Expenses
-Changes to Carry Taxation
-Distribution Waterfall
-Deal by Deal
-European Method
-Priority Return
-Catch-up Provision
-NAV Test
-GP Clawback
-Clawback Formulas
-Clawback Guarantee
-Escrow Accounts
-Distribution Methods
-Cash Distributions
-Freely Tradable Securities
-Sale of Securities for Cash
-Freely Tradable Securities
-Sale of Securities for Cash
-Dividends and Interest
-Short-term Investments
-Tax Liability Distributions
v. Performance and Returns
-Quarterly Reports
-Fair Value
vi. Corporate Governance
-Advisory Board
-Number of LP Advisers
-Roles and Powers
-Standard of Care
-LP Clawback
-Limits on LP Clawback
-Divorce Clauses
-For-cause Divorce Clause
-No-fault Divorce Clause
-No-fault Suspension
-Key-person Provision
-Standard of Time Commitment
-Automatic Suspensions
-Extension of Suspension Period
-End of Suspension Period
-Actions Resulting from Trigger
-ILPA Compliance
-Corporate Responsiblity
-Fiduciary Duties
Appendix A. Glossary
Appendix B. Examples of Scale-down Formulas


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