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Moscow, Russia
Its first fund, a 2008-vintage, still has four remaining assets and is operating at 0.8x gross total value, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.
Mike Psaros
Founder Mike Psaros spoke to PEI about the latest fundraising round and how KPS justifies a 30% carried interest rate.
PEI Q3 2019 Fundraising Report
Nearly $297bn was raised by a smaller number of larger funds in the first three quarters of the year.
Pall Mall London
Permira VII is more than 50% larger than its 2016-vintage predecessor and comes four months after the manager closed its debut tech-focused minority stakes fund.
EMPEA Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets in London
Long-term funds could be a better fit for impact investing in emerging markets where exits and regulation remain challenging, according to panellists at an EMPEA conference.
Australian exports
Cortina Capital will target medium-sized health and wellness brands with export potential to Asia.
Largest funds raised in September, PEI data
Vista's $16bn haul for its seventh flagship fund, Advent's $2bn debut tech fund and Hahn & Co's largest fund for Korea are among the largest funds closed during the month.
TA Select Opportunities Fund, which will pick up stakes in companies its main fund is selling, won’t charge a management fee and will instead collect fees from portfolio companies.
Seoul, South Korea
The buyout firm gathered $2.7bn for its third flagship fund and a further $500m for a co-investment sidecar.
FTV fund raise
Details of the firm's latest flagship fund were revealed in Texas Municipal Retirement System documents.

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