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IFM Investors: Answering LPs’ transparency needs

IFM Investors’ Stuart Wardman-Browne, Adrian Kerley and David Odgers explain how LPs are seeking a better alignment of interests with GPs

First Reserve: Powering value in an evolving landscape

Why it is important to approach the energy industry in a holistic way, according to First Reserve’s Alex Krueger

TMF Group: Domiciling – home or away?

LPs are piling pressure on managers to move onshore. But domiciling decisions should never be taken lightly, says Mark Hooton, director at TMF Group

SEI: Navigating the credit frontier

As more private equity firms launch their first credit vehicles or expand their initial offerings, Jay Cipriano and Chad Longenecker of SEI’s Investment Manager Services division caution how complex administering these funds can be

Apex Group: It takes a conductor

Private funds technologies can do more than ever before, but it can be hard to choose the right solution and even harder to implement it. We spoke to Apex Group’s Srikumar TE about how choosing the right service provider can enable firms to get more out of their systems and software

eFront: The value of a systems check

Private fund managers can win major operational efficiencies from outsourcing, provided that they pay attention to how well data is managed, say eFront’s Ludovic Legrand and Iain Robertson

Alter Domus: Automation and data sophistication signal the future

As the private equity industry faces the peak of the cycle, George Rologis, chief commercial officer and head of strategy and EMEA at Alter Domus, says fund administrators will need to up their game for the benefit of the market

Backstop Solutions: Data’s hidden treasures

Data management does more than lighten a firm’s workload. Backstop Solutions’ Adam Pinkert and Chris Anderson discuss how the right strategy can uncover hidden insights for a competitive advantage

Secondaries roundtable: Drivers of sales, $5bn deals and what the future holds

Richer, deeper, more complex, more diverse, more granular: all could describe the evolving secondaries market. We gathered six experts to discuss the intricacies of an industry that is blooming and booming.

Alter Domus: Facing up to stricter standards

The private equity industry is not immune from public scrutiny, as well as demanding investors. Aidan Connolly, CEO of Luxembourg-based fund services provider Alter Domus considers what buyout firms need to learn from other industries

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