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The Operating Partner in Private Equity Package

The Operating Partner in Private Equity Package - 170x200



($173.00, saving when both volumes are purchased together)

Volume 1: 978-1-604-696-97-1 | Volume 2: 978-1-908-783-79-0
Publication date:
01 August 2015
No. of pages:
Volume 1: 248 | Volume 2: 230

This essential package combines volumes 1 and 2 of our popular Operating Partner in Private Equity series. Both books are packed full of strategies and best practice guidance from leading operating partners on value creation and enhancement at the portfolio company level.

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About The Operating Partner in Private Equity, Volume 1

Need to create value through operational excellence?

Edited by Tony Ecock of The Carlyle Group (formerly of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS)) and founder of PEOPEN, The Operating Partner in Private Equity features in-depth successful strategies, important lessons learned, real-life examples and war stories in all aspects of the value-creation cycle.
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Reading this executive-level publication you’ll learn from superior operating experts and leading investor favourites: 3i, Advent International, Clayton Dubilier & Rice, General Atlantic, KKR Capstone, Morgan Stanley Private Equity and WCAS.

If you’re an operating partner, this guide will help you succeed in your day-to-day job, benchmark against your peers and provide invaluable intelligence on every aspect of adding value to private equity portfolio companies.

For general partners building an operating partner team, you’ll find out which models works best for your firm. Get the insider views about how to make the best investments and successful exits.

Key benefits of this title:



  • Gain a deep understanding of the value-creation process, with strategic approaches and practical advice
  • Leverage strategies on how to grow EBITDA and effectively manage costs and working capital to improve bottom-line performance
  • Learn how to build an effective operating partner team that best fits your firm
  • Discover how to conduct effective financial, operational, tax and market due diligence to maximise positive outcome
248 pages of valuable top-tier insight detailing:
  • Leverage operating insights from over 30 top-tier private equity operating partners and consultants
  • Optimise your due diligence process by knowing which questions to ask to reveal competencies and deficiencies before committing to a deal
  • Identify strategies that can deliver early wins and maintain momentum across your entire organisation post-close
  • Understand who your customers are through research and how to secure long-term buy-in through implementing customer lifetime value
  • Develop a procurement programme to drive significant cost savings throughout the entire portfolio
  • Incentivise and manage your portfolio company CEOs and management teams to ensure maximum cooperation and results

About The Operating Partner in Private Equity, Volume 2

Advanced strategies for driving value through operational excellence

‘Firms that make good investments will do well; firms that make good investments and enhance their value will do better and attract more capital’. Tony Ecock
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Edited by Tony Ecock of The Carlyle Group (formerly of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS)) and founder of PEOPEN, The Operating Partner in Private Equity, Volume 2 provides valuable intelligence and best practice tips from the industry’s top operating partners and advisers on enhancing returns through better due diligence and post-close operational improvements. 

Every operations expert looking for new ideas to extract maximum value from their portfolio companies needs to have this book on their desk.

Content highlights:

  • Dan Colbert discusses how The Riverside Company built and refined its operating approach with key lessons for achieving success.
  • Scott Glickman, Dan Soroka and Sara Boyd of Graham Partners outline a programme for proactively identifying and reducing business model risks.
  • Mark Gillett of Silver Lake Partners and David Moss, an independent adviser, provide a framework for assessing and implementing transformational versus incremental change.
  • Sandy Ogg of The Blackstone Group, proposes three action points for ensuring the portfolio company CEO search and selection process is successful.
  • Matt Sondag of West Monroe Partners provides useful tips for how to select and optimise the emerging role of the IT operating partner. much more

Who should buy this package:


  • Operating Partners
  • Operating Executives
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • General Partners
  • Human Capital Partners
  • Industry Executives
  • Senior Advisers
  • Portfolio Company Executives
  • Resources Executives
  • Consultants and Advisers
  • IT operating partners