In May-June 2022, we asked managers to submit their best examples of how they deliver operational value to their portfolio companies. To be eligible for this year’s awards, the GP must have fully or partially exited the portfolio company, and the transaction must have closed between June 2021-June 2022.

Managers were invited to submit entries across three regions: the Americas; Asia-Pacific; and Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Within these regions, we asked for submissions across four size bands: large-cap (deals with an entry price over $500 million); upper mid-market ($250 million to $500 million); lower mid-market ($100 million to $250 million); and small-cap (under $100 million).

The submissions were reviewed by a panel of judges, who were each asked to examine the entries for a particular region. When poring through the submissions, the judges were asked to consider factors such as growth strategy, evidence of innovation and commitment to environmental, social and governance factors, as well as scoring each entry for the overall level of operational excellence demonstrated by the private equity firm during its investment period. Judges that had any involvement with a company’s value-creation story recused themselves from scoring that entry.

The winning entries are those that received the highest average overall operational excellence score in each category.

Our thanks go to all the firms that entered the awards and shared their examples of creating value in the companies they back. As always, there were many compelling submissions and, in some categories, very tightly-run races for the top spot.