Fund managers reassessing tech needs

Fund leaders predict an uptick in tech-enablement to combat market challenges.

In which areas will tech investment have the most impact over the next five years? (%)

In affiliate title Private Funds CFO’s Private Funds Leaders Survey 2022, 35 percent of respondents said that technology investment into deal origination processes is going to have the biggest impact on their business over the next five years, marking a slight increase on 2021’s figure of 31 percent. Apart from investor relations, all other aspects of business operations were seen as less impactful on the future of fund processes than last year, including fundraising, fund operations and portfolio management.

How automated is your ESG data-gathering process? (%)

The needle is moving slowly towards greater automation in private funds when it comes to tracking environmental, social and corporate governance issues, according to the Private Funds Leaders Survey 2022. The number of private funds managers who said their ESG data-gathering processes are somewhat or fully automated rose slightly year-on-year, to 34 percent and 5 percent respectively.

To what extent do you agree with the following statement: “Increased competition for assets is driving us to reassess our use of data and technology in our firm”? (%)

Over a third of respondents to an S&P Global Market Intelligence survey in June 2022 said they strongly agree with the idea that increased competition for assets is driving their firms to reassess their use of data and technology.