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Private equity fundraising fell for the second year in a row last year, with the number of funds closed almost matching the number seen in 2017.
The average PE exposure across all investor types surpassed 10% last year, up more than 4 percentage points compared with five years ago, according to PEI’s full-year 2023 Investor Report.
An in-depth look at how to keep hold of rising stars in private markets, courtesy of our colleagues at Venture Capital Journal. Plus: continuation funds are helping drive distributions; and UK exits are on the up. Here's today's brief, for our valued subscribers only.
PEI spotlight
In this episode, we delve into the findings of PEI’s annual survey of the investor community to gauge how LP sentiment towards the asset class is evolving.
LP Perspectives Study 2024 fund finance analysis
Higher interest rates and rising debt costs are prompting managers and investors to rethink the use of fund finance facilities.
LP Perspectives Study 2024 emerging managers analysis
Investor appetite for emerging managers has declined amid difficult fundraising conditions.
LP Perspectives Study 2024 ESG analysis
ESG continues to garner support from investors in Europe and Asia while facing political headwinds in the US.
PEI Persepctives GP stakes analysis
LPs are becoming more comfortable with the concept of acquiring minority interests in alternative asset managers.
PEI Persepctives macroeconomic concerns analysis
Liquidity is front of mind for LPs at a time when high interest rates, inflation and recession have become the main risks facing private markets portfolios.
LP Perspectives Study 2024 co-investment analysis
LPs want more co-investments and are increasingly participating in more complex transactions with GPs.

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