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Co-investments play a key role in its decision to partner with first-time funds and emerging managers, partner and head of Europe Rune Jepsen tells PEI.
Allen Waldrop, director of private equity at Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, Nexus Summit
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation’s director of private equity Allen Waldrop sat down with PEI’s Madeleine Farman on the sidelines of PEI Group’s NEXUS 2024 summit.
Already a prolific owner of alternatives managers via its balance sheet, global wealth manager AlTi will consider transitioning from LP to GP with the launch of a fund in this space.
Allen Waldrop, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
Allen Waldrop, director of private equity at Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, has been tasked with optimising the institution's exposure to PE.
The average PE exposure across all investor types surpassed 10% last year, up more than 4 percentage points compared with five years ago, according to PEI’s full-year 2023 Investor Report.
The $140bn sovereign wealth fund’s CEO Dr Raphael Arndt attributed the quarterly drop to currency issues and write-downs.
Hazman Hilmi Sallahuddin, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan
Hazman Hilmi Sallahuddin, CIO of Malaysia's $39bn Kumpulan Wang Persaraan, tells PEI what exposure it wants to add to drive higher, more sustainable returns.
The country's improved fiscal stability, currency appreciation and growing alts appetite from pension funds make it an increasingly favourable destination for PE managers.
The additional control afforded by separately managed accounts could prove valuable at a time when LP cashflows are facing a strain.

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