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Private Fund Restructuring

Private Fund Restructuring - 170x200


Publication date:
17 December 2015
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This book is an essential resource for private fund investors and managers who must ensure their firms are well equipped to handle and respond to strategic and operational concerns placed on them by fund restructuring.

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An introduction to the key structures, transaction types and negotiation points for GPs and LPs

Fund restructuring and GP-led liquidity options are among the biggest issues facing the private funds industry and they represent a rapidly growing market segment. In North America alone there is presently over $200 billion of NAV that could be candidates for restructuring. However fund restructuring suffers from a lack of accepted best practice and even a lack of agreed terminology, with ‘restructuring’ and ‘recapitalisation’ used by many as interchangeable expressions.
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Edited by Brian Mooney and David Eberstein of Greenhill Cogent, Private Equity International's Private Fund Restructuring is a highly tailored publication written specifically with the informational and practical know-how needs of private fund investors and managers in mind. Specifically, this book is aimed at senior leaders who are tasked daily with the responsibility of ensuring that their firms are sufficiently well equipped – now and in the future – to handle and respond to strategic and operational concerns in addition to the regulatory, governance and compliance demands placed on them by fund restructuring.

The publication is broken into three sections:

  • Section 1 presents information written specifically for this publication by practitioners of, and advisers to, the private equity industry. 
  • Section 2 features two in-depth interviews with active market participants.
  • Section 3 features articles published by Secondaries Investor that provide a rich seam of case study material, market commentary and jargon busting.

Who should buy this book:

  • LPs – Investment Directors, Investment Managers, Chief Investment Officers
  • GPs – CFOs, Managing Partners, Principals, Head of Secondaries, Head of Liquidity Solutions, Legal Counsel
  • Law Firms – Fund formation, investment funds and private equity lawyers

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