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    PEI 300 2015 front cover   The PEI 300 

    Trying to compare private equity firms is not easy. But with our annual PEI 300 ranking, we look at the world's top fund managers according to a very simple metric: how much capital they have raised for private equity investment in the last five years.

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    PERE50: 2014    The PERE 50

    The PERE 50 ranks the top 50 fund managers in global private real estate, based on the equity raised between a five year period for direct real estate investment through closed-ended, commingled real estate funds.

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      PERE Global Investor 30: 2013    The Global
    Investor 30

    The Global Investor 30 ranks the top 30 investors in global private real estate, by measuring the amount of equity committed to commercial real estate through commingled funds, separate accounts and joint ventures, as well as direct property investments.

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    Infrastructure Investor 30: 2013   The Infrastructure Investor 30

    The Infrastructure Investor 30 ranks the 30 largest infrastructure fund managers globally by size, based on the capital raised by infrastructure direct investment programmes over a five-year period.

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      PDI 30: 2013   The PDI 30

    The PDI 30 - Private Debt Investor's first annual like-for-like ranking of private debt fund managers - suggests that unsurprisingly, established multi-asset managers have led the way in raising capital over the last five years.

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