September 2017 Issue

    Month: September
    Year: 2017

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    Secondaries special: Young guns 2017 11-20

    Counting down sister title Secondaries Investor’s list of the 20 most impressive professionals under 36...

    Secondaries special: Young guns 2017 – Top 10

    Sister title Secondaries Investor’s list of 20 of the most impressive professionals under 36 in the industry was so popular last year, we decided it deserved a wider audience.

    Stonehage Fleming's answer for what families want

    As head of the private equity team at Stonehage Fleming, Richard Clarke-Jervoise knows a thing or two about how to attract private wealth to the asset class. By Isobel Markham and Toby Mitchenall.

    Secondaries special: How to plan for a downturn

    With many people predicting recessionary conditions ahead, PEI examines the lessons from the global financial crisis and how firms are reacting a decade on.

    Secondaries special: Secondary to none

    Early figures indicate the secondaries market could hit fundraising and transaction records in 2017.

    Secondaries special: Timing is everything

    Many factors govern a secondaries deal, but chronology is often overlooked.

    Secondaries special: SI 30 2017

    Record raises and deals have characterised the 12 months since our first ranking of the top 30 managers.

    Secondaries special: Proskauer's legal view

    The secondaries market is no longer confined to plain-vanilla sales of LP fund stakes, and with the increased diversification in deals come important legal and structural ramifications.

    Secondaries special: Landmark on the return of the mega-deal

    Ian Charles, a partner on Landmark Partners’ private equity team and Jamie Sunday, a partner on the firm’s real estate team, discuss how secondaries transactions worth more than $1bn may lead to a record year for deal volume.

    Secondaries special: Picking the right strategy

    Whether your private equity programme is gearing up for the first pitch or already in the seventh inning, there’s a place for secondaries on the roster.

    Secondaries special: Opening the restructuring floodgates

    Successful GP-led transactions involving high-quality firms may finally lead to growth in that corner of the secondaries market.

    Secondaries special: Evercore on rolling over assets

    Nigel Dawn, from advisor Evercore, discusses some of the ways in which GPs can strategically access the secondaries market to actively manage their portfolio, accelerate liquidity for their investors while maximising the value of their portfolio companies.

    Final close: Lay-ups and start-ups

    Final close: Lay-ups and start-ups

    Nordic roundtable: Investors remain calm and collected

    Nordic investors remain unruffled by the political and economic uncertainty shaking some of the markets on their doorstep.

    Africa special: The rise of the secondary buyout

    What the increase in sponsor-to-sponsor transactions says about the growing private equity market.

    Africa special: A tough sell for limited partners

    Developed market limited partners have fallen out of love with Africa as currency volatility continues to take its toll on returns.

    Africa special: Private equity regional guide

    Private equity activity in Africa has grown markedly in the last decade, but where offers the best opportunities? With two of the biggest economies South Africa and Nigeria beset by macro headwinds, investors are looking to diversify to other parts of the continent. wE look at which places are picking up the slack.

    Africa special: private equity makes the fintech connection

    Fintech is taking off all over the continent as firms plug the gap filled elsewhere by traditional financial services providers.

    Africa special: CDC's Murray Grant on leadership

    The private equity industry has a vital role to play in developing the management expertise that is key to progress in Africa, writes CDC’s Murray Grant.

    Africa special: Opportunity knocks for Actis's growth strategies

    The continent’s markets can be difficult to navigate, but there are plenty of businesses with growth potential — if you know where to look, says Actis head of private equity Natalie Kolbe.

    Africa special: Find a happy medium with Ethos Mezzanine

    Mezzanine finance provides investors with a less risky way to access sub-Saharan Africa and offers business owners a flexible alternative to diluting their equity holding, says Ethos Mezzanine Partners’ Phillip Myburgh.

    Africa special: Baker McKenzie on delivering returns

    As the African private equity market matures, now is the time for fund managers to dedicate their efforts to achieving full and clean exits for their assets — or risk a tough time on the fundraising trail, says Baker McKenzie partner Scott Nelson.

    Africa special: Old Mutual on seeking a fair deal

    A responsible approach is required if you are to make the most of the opportunities in Africa, says Paul Boynton, CEO of Old Mutual Alternative Investments.

    Africa special: Africinvest on going from gazelles to unicorns

    The African start-up ecosystem has witnessed some game-changing advances over the last decade. These are enhancing the prospects for venture capital deployment across the continent.