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An introduction to the unitranche market

Experts from PwC outline why this form of lending is an attractive financing option for mid-market leveraged buyouts.

Future special: Keeping dealmaking personal

Attempts to look into the future can conjure up images of a disturbing, even dystopian world, but observers of the private equity market offer a rather more reassuring picture. Technology will be important, but so too will human input

Negotiating a minefield

Private equity firms launching debt arms must act very carefully to avoid conflicts of interest.

The case for covenant-lite

Are fears of a lack of red flags in deal structures overblown? There’s little doubt what equity providers think, but some lenders believe the same.

US tax reform prompts January scramble for PE firms

Short-term issues will take centre stage as managers wrestle with the newly introduced laws.

All in the same boat

US managers navigating changes to interest deductibility rules can turn to their British and German counterparts for advice and, if they’re lucky, hope.

Trends of the Year: The rise of cov-lite loans

This year we asked whether private equity investors should be worried about the continued loosening of debt covenants.

LBOs under the microscope

More than half of the 10 largest leveraged loans at risk of default are held by private equity-backed companies, according to data from Fitch Ratings.

Mid-market LBO issuance hits pre-crisis levels

Demand for mid-market leverage included covenant-lite issuance reaching $3.8bn in Q3, almost overtaking the $4bn loaned in 2016.

Full interest deductibility is critical for PE – AIC

The message to lawmakers is simple: do not harm a long-standing, proven catalyst for business success, says the industry body's president and chief executive.

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