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Private Equity International LP Perspectives Survey

Private Equity International’s annual study of the investor community provides a window into LPs’ thinking as they get to grips with an environment buffeted by high interest rates and geopolitical uncertainty. The study gauges investor sentiment towards the asset class, including co-investing, GP stakes and secondaries strategies, LPs’ due diligence and ESG priorities, as well as their outlook for private markets over the longer term.

PEI Perspectives

LP Perspectives: Seven LP opinions that matter

Our annual study of LP sentiment provides a window into how investors see private equity’s future




The LP Perspectives 2024 Study is Private Equity International’s annual survey of institutional investors’ approaches to alternative asset classes.

It provides a granular view of the market, both current and future, by gathering insight on LPs’ asset allocations, propensity to invest and performance predictions. It is a global study, reflected in the questions and the respondents, which allows for meaningful views and cross-regional comparisons across asset classes.

The question set is reviewed annually in order to reflect market developments and shifts in sentiment. For the 2024 study, we surveyed 117 institutional investors. Fieldwork was carried out in September and October 2023. Participation is always anonymous.


Against a backdrop of economic and geopolitical headwinds, marked by soaring inflation and rising interest rates, Private Equity International’s annual study of the LP community takes stock of investor sentiment towards the asset class. From investment plans to due diligence priorities and attitudes towards GPs’ ESG programmes, this year’s study tracks LP expectations for private equity going into 2023.

Over the last year, the private equity industry has grappled with challenges such as the ongoing impact of the covid-19 pandemic, high market valuations and how best to address ESG issues. At the same time, there has been growing momentum and evolution in fund finance, GP stakes and the secondaries market. Private Equity International’s LP Perspectives 2022 Study gauges the expectations, hopes and fears of the LP community against this complex and fast-moving backdrop.

The annual LP Perspectives Study has now been running for nine years, but none have been conducted against a backdrop of macro uncertainty and upheaval quite like the last 12 months. In these testing times, the 2021 study tracks LP sentiment and expectations for the future of the asset class. PEI’s Research & Analytics team surveyed 100 institutional investors, gathering insight on their asset allocation, propensity to invest, and performance predictions.

At a turbulent time for the industry, LP opinions are more important than ever. That’s where Private Equity International’LP Perspectives Survey, one of the most comprehensive of the private equity investor universe, comes in. For this 2020 study, PEI’s Research & Analytics team surveyed 146 institutional investors to find out what’s driving them, what’s worrying them and how they see the future of the asset class.

What really matters to investors? The Private Equity International LP Perspectives Survey is one of the most in-depth assessments of investor sentiment in private capital markets today. Now in its seventh year, we gather the views of limited partners on everything from due diligence to asset allocation.

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